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The two-day Summit strives to bring all key stakeholders—government officials, HSE experts, industry associations and HSE evangelists—together to discuss occupational safety and health as a priority for companies, while reiterating the significance and business benefits of investing in the health and safety of the workforce. This year the India HSE Summit & Awards 2019 is taking the initiative to spread awareness regarding the importance of occupational safety and health for workplace ergonomics and employee health & efficiency.

India HSE Summit & Awards 2019 will provide leadership insights and help you empower safety and productivity at work. Each session provides the most comprehensive information needed to meet regulations and overcome industry challenges. You will have the opportunity to meet professionals from every industry, explore the latest trends in safety while making new contacts at the tradeshow.

  • Challenges in Implementing Laws and legislation Related to OSH in Construction Industry (panel discussion)
  • Implementing OSH Best Practices in the Construction Industry
  • Changing the Mindsets in Cement Manufacturing Regarding OSH
  • Accident Prevention: Risk Assessment and Control Strategies
  • How Implementing the Right OSH Strategy Benefits Organisations
  • Safety Best Practices for a Renewable Power Generation Facility
  • Accident Prevention: Behavioral Based Safety, going Beyond Risk Assessment & Control Strategies
  • The Role and Need for Accreditation in HSE (Workshop)
  • Battling Occupational Hazards to Workers’ Health
  • Occupational Health & Safety in the Unorganised Sector
  • Different Categories Of Occupational Hazards That Industrial Hygienists Must Identify And Control
  • Ensuring a Safe and Hygienic Working Environment in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Changing Workspaces and their Impact on Employee Health
  • Standardising Industry Policies for Handling Hazardous Incidents
  • From Safety Compliance to Culture in Safety

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